Understanding Your Genealogy Data Viewer

Looking for a better understanding of your personal network? Excited to track your match points with ease? You should become familiar with a great tool available in your back office: The Genealogy Data Viewer.

Your Data Viewer can be accessed by going to your back office, selecting “My Team”, and then choosing “Data Viewer” from the scroll-down options.

In order to see how commissions will be paid, make sure to select the current pay period and check the box next to “Display Compressed Levels”. This will provide data after skip compression has been factored in.

Next, choose the current pay period and press “Go”. This will allow you to see data for your personal level, as well as the levels with which you’re connected.

Click on the points earned, match points earned, or member columns on the left side of the screen to pull up more data on the right. You’ll be able to bring up and sort info on all the members within the depth credit levels you’ve attained.

Use the drop-down menu in the lower right to toggle number of members shown, and click on the columns to sort.

Of course, your total points earned and match points earned are summed up at the bottom of the graphic on the left, so you can be informed in advance on what to expect when payouts happen each month.