Trunited Success Stories

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Trunited is all about empowering shoppers to better their lives.

The platform offers a path to a better shopping experience for everyone and, in doing so, provides the opportunity for anyone to earn an income by sharing Trunited with others.

It’s a process that works because of how loyal our shoppers are to the platform. And it’s also a process that emboldens and empowers that loyalty. The hard-working, thoughtful shoppers and marketers of Trunited are fiercely dedicated to the cause because they’ve seen what it can do for themselves…and they’ve seen what it can do for those around them.

Check out some of our success stories, straight from the source:

James Katina Wants You to Reach Your Wildest Dreams

“Well, where do I begin?

My name is James Katina, and my wife Chrissy and I discovered Trunited a little over a year ago. In that short period of time, I gotta tell you that we saw immediate proof of concept…but I also began a journey with an amazing company, started by a gifted young man who I’m humbled and honored to now call my friend: Dr. Nicolas Porter.

You know, Dr. Nico’s vision was to not only create something disruptive…but with this simple shopping platform Dr. Nico has wanted to reach a million families that would be able to earn an extra $500 or more a month. And can I tell you that, in less than two years, that dream has become a reality for so many people.

And while I enjoy my real passion, which is creating music and touring with my brothers…I’ve been having a blast being a part of something that I truly believe will be a household name in a matter of years.

Here’s what I know about Trunited:

Trunited is the vehicle that is going to allow every single one of us to reach our wildest dreams. And our purpose is to help others reach theirs.”

Stace Falk Has Embraced an Exciting, Life-Changing Opportunity

“Hi, my name is Stace Falk, and I was asked to share a little bit with you all on my experience with Trunited. I’ve had the privilege of being with this company now for about three months. And I tell you what…it has been something that has given me hope.

It’s completely changed my vision of where I see my life going. It’s taking things I was already doing and being able to turn that into a life-changing opportunity. I love the leadership and the vision of where this company is going, and it’s put me in a position to really be excited about life…and helping others.

I’m just very, very grateful and look forward to where this company is going to in five, ten years…and I hope you do as well.”

Kevin Weldon Knows You’ll Believe Once You Take a Look for Yourself

“Over the past fifteen months, many things have changed in my life.

One, I’m in the best shape of my life right now because of some of the products I’ve been taking from Big Reward Brands. I’m earning more money than at any time of my life because of Trunited. I’ve got some new great friends. And I’m sharing something of value to other people and that’s important to me.

I have to know that, if I’m going to go and share something with somebody, it can’t hurt them in any way, shape, or form. And it’s got to have value.

If you want to know why I believe so much in Trunited, I encourage you to look for yourself. I’ve heard it said that if it’s possible for one man, it’s possible for any man. But it’s only possible to those who believe. It even says it in the Bible: All things are possible to he who believes.

And if you want to believe? Just take a look. Just take a look at what we have here.”

Vonda Downs Built a Side Income That Freed Her Up for More Important Matters

“I am very thankful that I learned about Trunited.

Trunited is a free platform, where you can go online and buy the things that you’re already buying anyway, and get money back from these companies. So I started shopping on this platform and was able to get cash back every month. A significant amount of cash back.

And so, I shared it with some of my friends and family so that they could benefit from it too…and the more people that you share it with, the more money you get back. And what happened was I actually was able to build a side income and be able to create extra money for our family.

Because of this, I was able to go part-time from my full-time hours with my job. That really was fantastic because it gave me the ability to be able to homeschool our seventh grader. And without Trunited, it would have been very difficult to do that.

I’m really excited about the future of Trunited as well. It just keeps getting better. And there are more companies that keep getting added to the platform, so that we can benefit by shopping at all these great places. So, the future is bright and it’s certainly an amazing company to learn about.”

Anne Swanson Started As a Shopper Now She’s Here

“Hi! My name is Anne, and I’ve had a Trunited membership since February of 2017. I created my free account because I was really intrigued by earning cash back on my normal, everyday spending. That was something that was super interesting, and I wondered if it was true.

And so, the first month I purchased a gift card. That gift card worked, and it did earn me profit points. And those profit points turned to cash. So that proved the whole concept to me and that it did work.

Then I began to look and see how I could increase my cash back. So I decided I’d like to try one or two new products every single month that paid back a higher profit point percentage. And so I tested those different products and I get six months down the road. I look back and I realize…Wow!

I am using products every single day from brands that I never knew anything about. And not only am I using them; I am loving them! And I am purchasing them more than once. I had made repeat purchases on several of these products already, and that intrigued me on a second level. Because not only am I a consumer, BUT I have a brand.

So I determined that if there was ever the opportunity to get my brand on the Trunited platform, I was absolutely going to do it. Because I saw what the platform did for MY purchasing habits. I completely changed what I bought, simply because of the rewards I was getting from different brands. And I’m not sure I ever would have found or discovered these different products and brands if it hadn’t been for the Trunited platform. And that would have been a shame because there are some amazing products.

So I determined, “yes!” I want to be on the Trunited platform. And, August 1st, my coffee company was launched onto the Trunited platform and we had sales right away. It was so awesome seeing all of these amazing friends that I had made over the last eighteen months buy my product. And they were doing it because they loved me, but they were also doing it because they were getting cash back!

And then the next week, I started getting orders. And I did NOT recognize the names on the orders. That made me even more excited! Because those people are doing the exact same thing I was doing in the beginning. I was looking for ways to change my normal spending habits. To spend it just in a different place, on a different product that would pay me more cash back.

That’s the power of Trunited. It’s disrupting everything. For consumers. For brands. It is creating a mutually beneficial symbiotic relationship where the consumer benefits, the brand benefits. It is ultimate disruption.

And THAT is Trunited.”